Kayhan Gold About Us

Kayhan Gold was founded in 2010 by the brothers Seyit Kayhan and Selahattin Kayhan.With more 20 years of professional experience, Seyit-Selahattin Kayhan brothers, who have been working with the same discipline and determination since the day they started, have turned Kayhan Gold from a small workshop into a brand that contributes to the exportation of all around the world.

Kayhan Gold has contributed to the development of the sector by keeping customer satisfaction above all else and has succesfully introduced our country in abroad. In addition , it has reached a large customer base around the world by following current fairs and participating in person.

Kayhan Gold which constantly updates and develops itself with the innovations in the sector , has never given up on its traditions.With the products equipped with the latest generation technologies and the handcraft of its experienced craftsmen , it has always created its own distinctive difference and produced signature products that make a naem for itself.

As Kayhan Gold , it is a great pleasure to accompany you on this journey where gold has been processed and turned into jewelry for centuries.

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